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Overlooked and small Slovenia is Europe's one of the most surprisingly amiable destination. At the joint of the Italian, German, and Slavic worlds, Slovenia is a stimulating combination of the finest of each customs. Although it’s simply a fast tour away from the visitors group in Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, and Venice, Slovenia has remained off the tourist way – making it a comfortable distraction for in-the-know Back Door tourists.

Postojna Caves

The Cave system in Postojna is most famous tourist destination in Slovenia. Pivka River has formed the cave which is a 12.5 mi or 20 km long karst cave. This is said to be the most travelled cave in the country. Experience the whole new world in such amazing and thrilling caves, and be prepared to be amazed. Well, your travel starts with 2 km ride towards the cave, an exciting experience in itself. Here you will see amazing calcite, stalagmites, stalactites, plus other beautiful geological structures, plus a richness of wildlife.

Slovenia for biking lovers

Well, this place has grown a huge fame amongst biking lovers as one of the best attractions of Europe's for Mountain Biking Slovenia. It has striking mountain landscape, a lively MTB community, excellent bike park structures, a plenty of routes and richness of mountain biking guides and expertise.


The most famous tourist places in Slovenia are bled for those people who like quiet and peace and eye-catching views of nature. Bled is famous for its stunning lake, position in the Julian-Alps, unbelievable castle, and the city of bled itself is rather underwhelming. Tourists come here from all corners of the world to see the fairytale-esque atmosphere. The freezing Lake Bled is enclosed by mountains and forest, and this is the major attraction of the town. Sitting on top of the lake, you will have the best view from the iconic Bled Castle. While exploring the castle, you will need to take some amount of time to go inside and watch the museum and explore the chapel. Make sure you see the range of armor and arms from the 18th and 16th centuries. Some more important destinations are Transalpine Train, Bled Island, Church of the Assumption, the Vintgar Gorge, and Bled health spa.

Bohinj Valley

The silent city of Bohinj is a preferred place for winter recreational, with its plentiful occasions for Slovenia Hiking, ice skating, ice climbing, snowboarding, and skiing.  Situated in the Julian-Alps, stunning, dazzling views are thriving, and the natural beauty is the biggest appeal of the city. However, in summer season, horseback-riding, fishing, rock-climbing, rafting, swimming, and summer is the major forms of amusement, with an exciting chance for cave exploration.

Triglav National Park

This park is surrounded by 340 -square miles land and this is considered as the single national-park in Slovenia. Mount Triglav is the biggest mountain situated in the park which is 9,396 feet tall. The park is situated in the northwest area of the nation nearby the Italian border, close by Austria, and widens into the southeastern parts of the Alps.

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