How to use WhatsApp for selling products

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WhatsApp is the fastest-growing messaging app of the world. Currently, the users of whatsapp are sharing over 100 million videos and 700 million pictures every day. In India, whatsapp has become more famous compared to Facebook. Whatsapp has already substituted the very old SMS technology and increasingly becoming the important medium of communication. Basically, WhatsApp is an extremely personal thing however there is still a huge majority of users lying there.

Here, we will explain how to reach huge customer base and sell on whatsapp.

Tips for using WhatsApp to sell

1. Get sales Inquiries on your WhatsApp

If you are going to start sales communications on your whatsapp account, then first you will need to register your business separately. This will add a special touch to your whatsapp chat commerce. In all your promotional or advertisement communications, you can give your WhatsApp number to clear them that they can reach you personally if they want to ask anything about your product or services.

2. Create Marketing Groups on your WhatsApp number:

You can boost your chances of making out sales. There are many promotional groups on WhatsApp that turns on selling and purchasing around common interests of sellers and buyers – which you can also be a part effortlessly.

3. Tips to find WhatsApp groups:

·         Ask fellow-sellers: it’s a good idea to take the help of your fellow seller to find whatsapp groups of the similar type

·         Seek Facebook groups: another idea is to explore the Facebook to find out the groups where various sellers communicate with one another. Possibly they also have a WhatsApp group for their business.

·         This website is a great place to begin your hunt. Simply seek your interested category and follow the regulations they’ve cited on the site to add yourself.

·         Make your separate Group on WhatsApp:  just discover some compatible people and create whatsapp group and get in touch with the potential buyers and sellers. The member of your group may add some more audience and finally, you will get an increased customer base.

4. Get Payments directly through WhatsApp Groups

With the help of Instamojo, it becomes so simple to allow people pay straight through WhatsApp for confirming your orders. You can just try it for once or else you can look for some other options available in the market. After completing the registration procedure, you must generate a payment link with the details regarding the product or item you are going to sell. Well, you have the power to generate more than one payment links for numerous products. All these payment links can be shared on WhatsApp. Your consumer can simply open the links and go for the payment process.

Final verdict


WhatsApp is a very strong communication application. Now, it has become extensively famous because of its effortlessness. Despite using it for individual communication, people can also use this app for the businesses in different ways. This is very lucrative and you can try it right now.

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