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We all know what a shrug is and what its importance in a woman's wardrobe. Initially, it was seen as a small cropped garment which looked like a jacket but today, it has become an essential part in women's clothing.


A shrug has to offer a lot in daily fashion. It is capable of adding more color and dynamics to your outfit while providing warmth in cooler weather at the same time and that's without bulking up a silhouette. It also lets you enjoy the different ways in which you can wear it and leverage this useful fashion accessory.


Before adding the shrug to your wardrobe accessories, you should know the fashion basics of it i.e. how you can pair it with different items, how it can be used as an accent in your outfit and the most important one is to understand how to do a quality shrug online shopping. Knowing these things is a gain for you as you'll be adding this garment as additional features into your wardrobe.


Shrug wear has a very entrancing history. It wouldn't be wrong to say that its invention is inspired from knitted sweaters used as a safeguard from chilled winds of winter. Shrugs are made up of thicker fabric for the same purpose as that of sweaters. You could find a mix of cotton and wool material in a shrug at its initial stage in development. This mixture of material was an excellent combination to block cold winds from outside and to keep you warm from inside.


Now it is known as a fashion outfit worldwide and is no more connected to the winter season. Today it is available in almost every form and in many material combinations. The shrug is getting much more attention than any other covering apparels because it offers a classy and elegant look when used as a cover up. Let us take a look at its various types you can find when doing shrug online shopping.


Net Shrugs - These are latest forms of shrugs for the summer-spring season. A Net shrug is made of the net like cloth which is very thin, you can confidently show off the skin in it. The materials used for net shrugs are chiffon, georgette or the embossed net which could be worn over any kind of top like camisoles, tank tops, halter styles or even a basic tee which offer you an elegant look.

Short Shrugs - A short shrug is the most fashionable outfit at the current time in women fashion. The short shrug is designed to cover up the arms and shoulder area. These shrugs are generally used with tube and spaghetti tops and also with the tops which need a little covering up for a sophisticated appearance.

Winter Shrugs - If you feel uncomfortable in handling a shawl or something like that, winter shrugs is a 'must have' for you. Such types of shrugs have a larger structure which covers shoulders and torso. It adds an eye gazing look to your appearance.

Woolen Shrugs - Woolen shrugs are for women who want to have a comfy feeling in chilly winters. These are long in length to cover up till the lower back and are open at the front. The material used in these shrugs is much thicker i.e. wool. These shrugs can be paired with denim tops, shirts, and jeggings.

So these are only a few styles of shrugs. There are much more options available in shrug online shopping which could be used to add a unique style in your apparels.

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