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Austpay continuous to exceed annual growth projections, with 2014 reaching over 91.5% growth in Merchant acquisition and approved transaction processing on-line. We have dedicated staff that understand your transaction processing needs and focus on how to make it work for you.


As your primary payment processing source in an industry that constantly changes and adds complicated fee structures that can affect your bottom line, Austpay is leading the way with simple direct innovation that is flexible and 100% transparent. Austpay brings the benefits of off shore processing with the ease and clarity of processing domestically; we also can boast NO hidden fees and NO added costs than most domestic processing. Once accepted and approved, wish to add further credit card processing, want to add MasterCard, Amex, Discovery, CUP, E-wallet or add additional Direct Channels, change descriptors name to improve customer recognition. NO additional fee's or complicated additional rates based on scales and what ifs that cause chaos affecting your bottom line projections.

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Transaction processing is our primary business. Austpay is one of China's growing privateindustry leader's because we focus our energy on the needs of our Clients –stream liningcosts, simplicity innovation and direct transparency in all communication. These core strengths differentiate us in the marketplace and allow us to help you the merchant best reduce costs, further more we have developed our platform and have the flexibility to alter, improve adapt any part of our system to cater to international changes in policies, specific business models and all terms involved with on-line processing.

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