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1. Yangon Office

No 26/A, Ground Floor, Thirizayar Street, Thingangyun Township, Yangon, Myanmar
T: (+95) 1205.754

2. Hanoi Office

Suite 601, 130 Quan Thanh Str, Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
T: (+84) 987.975.514

Myanmar Holiday Packages


At Myanmar Private Holidays, we are outstanding at helping you plan a fantastic vacation. Not only the normal vacations but also the exceptional ones which are full of inspiring and delightful journeys as well as unique and life-enriching experiences.

Specially, our approach is different and unlike mechanism of any other travel agents. We never recommend you with one option; we always match your inquiry with 2 or 3 top travel experts who are the most qualified in order to create your dream trip. Especially, they will compete to design the ideal itinerary which you feel really satisfied.

All travel experts in our team are personally and thoroughly screened by us. You and your inquiry are only matched with the true experts who are really professional at create your tailor-made trip.

Our travel experts excel at handcrafting and coordinating complex itineraries. They are skillful at covering from logistics, proper transportation, comfortable accommodation, knowledgeable guides, and insider access to unique experiences which is like nothing you have tried before. Our experts are willing to give 24/7 supports throughout your trip to assure your pleasing journey.


We consider personal interview with each travel expert in detail one of the most important factor to select consultants with the aim of determining their expertise and service levels. We precisely test them to classify their specialization at classic or adventure tour and assure that they understand budget travel to luxury packages.

We send our travel experts to inspect all destinations and services they sell as well as have authentic experiences about those products in advance and then they officially provide them to customers.

We review all examples of their tailor-made travel itineraries step by step.

We continuously follow up client testimonials to understand clients’ need and then choose the most suitable course to train our travel experts and improve their skills.


MPH’s community is in which travel-holics look for the best in quality, authenticity and value that travel experts strive to deliver. The best travel experts receive and achieve the compliments and recognition they deserve.

In order to promote, reward and improve excellence in travel, our community is strictly guided by the following cores:


We believe in open, reliable and profound communications with no hidden agendas.

We believe that everyone will “do the right thing” at all times and act with integrity and fairness.

We highly appreciate and respect each other’s time and effort.

We treat others in the way we want to be treated by others.

We are always available here to help each other experience the best and worth in travel.

In the spirit of these values, Myanmar Private Holidays also pledges that

We always operate irreproachably.

We never make any spam.

We never reveal our users’ names and contact information with any third party.

We protect your privacy extremely seriously.

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